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Article: Spiked Up DPT


Spiked Up DPT


All of us have little dirty secrets that we like to keep to ourselves. Here's MINE

PICTURE THIS: an ancient beauty secret that costs a few bucks and is easily incorporated into your GRESSA Ritual.

STORY: Growing up in Eastern Europe, activated charcoal was a staple in our medicine cabinet. We used it to detox the digestive system and often used it to detox our skin.

WHAT IS IT: Charcoal is a centuries-old, unapologetically simple grime fighter with a knack for eliminating impurities, odors, and bacteria. Ancient Hindus purified water with it, Hippocrates used it to treat anthrax in 400 B.C., and now grooming brands are touting its benefits.

THE SCIENCE: When applied to the skin as a treatment, charcoal treats the skin with oxygen, opening up millions of tiny holes that act like magnets for junk. A.k.a. it is incredible as an anti-acne mask!

WHAT YOU NEED: Activated Charcoal capsules (any health foods store will have them).

DIRECTIONS: add 1 capsule to a teaspoon of your Dirty Pretty Things treatment. Apply as you normally would and wash off after 15-20 minutes.


And.... Watch your skin glow!