the only way to truly sustainable beauty is less consumption of it

- Svetlana Zakharevich, Founder

made for skin,
not shelves

micro batch skincare and pigments are made fresh weekly. They never reside on warehouse shelves for weeks or months. Because we believe your skin deserves alive ingredients.

luxury that is still handmade

minimalism isn't having nothing at all. It is having few items of value and quality.


we are transparent about our packaging, our teamwork, our world view and our ingredients. It's not just business we're open about. You are a person. We are people. It is personal between us.


going back to the roots of adornment and decorating our pigments are easy, effortless, creamy, versatile. You can mix them together, top them off, the possibilities are endless.

We invite you to make a mess. Sometimes beauty is chaos, too.

think of your MINIMALIST as your colorful skincare

our pigments are packed with alive ingredients that make skin thrive. Always fresh, always with your skin in mind.

glass packaging

unlike plastic, glass can be infinitely recycled, reused, repurposed. Plus, our violet packaging protects every potent ingredient from oxidizing and light degradation.

inclusive beauty

a decade ago we've formulated our Minimalist to include the lightest as well as the darkest shade we still carry today. We proudly carry 22 shades to make sure absolutely everyone has a match.

supportive approach to skincare

We stand for supportive skincare to allow your skin to do its job: to heal. Your skin knows how, Gressa stays out of your skin's expert innate ability to repair itself. Think of your Gressa Ritual as your skin's best friend. Holding your skin's hand. In love and support.

From the Founder:
2021 love letter to our Minimalists

In 2021 it’s time to show up differently.

It’s time for radical transparency not just about ingredient sourcing but about everything else that makes this space different, organic, authentic, without compromise.

Green Beauty industry has changed dramatically.  

The culture at Gressa has not, however. We are still holding this space of radical truth of beauty, art and love. Sprinkled with science magic to make our formulas work, well, like magic.

This is the reason why Gressa is expanding across the globe and is a staple in every clever woman's purse.

I started Gressa with a deep love for health, nutrition and the ritual of skin care. And we are here still with the same deep love for radical self-care through the truth of nature.

Funny thing, we are told that everyone has a different definition of “truth.” I don’t believe in that idea.

The truth is universal. It is love, an open heart and some balls to speak openly about what matters to you.

This is why Gressa has been here since the beginning and why it is here to stay.

What do you get as our tribe? Some of the best skincare, pigments to play with and a dose of courage to create the life you envision.

Starting with your skin base and ending with endless possibilities.

Welcome. Stay a while.

With love,


Deconstructing beauty industry since 2009

In a world of constructed beauty ideals, in came Gressa, where we are holding a space for the brave creators to play authentically in our own micro-culture and perhaps even a micro-industry of what we believe beauty should be: rebellious, imperfect, connected to nature and our own inner-self.

In the industry that wants to sell you their current idea of you, we encourage your own identity.

we want to see you through