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Our mission

We are on a mission to change the concept of beauty.  After 15 years in this industry, ‘clean’ is a trend, concept of which is starting to fade away. With the introduction of technology and advanced skincare, the ‘clean’ lines are starting to blur and this trend is merging into what is known as conventional beauty - where beauty standards are set by celebrities and outside influences. Gressa has carved its own place in the beauty industry timeline - we are a movement without compromise, a quiet whisper back in time, and a beacon to individuality in beauty through mind, body and spirit. 

Our Three Brand Pillars

I. Craftsmanship

We take pride in having full control of elegant craftsmanship from herb to powder to infusion to butters, oils and pigments. Every step of every formulation is meticulous, upheld to the highest of standards of production, from GMP standard laboratory to pouring each pigment is if they’re face truffles to the most luxurious packaging - every step is intentional and supersedes the highest of industry standards.

II. Nature is Enough -

today, science seeks to replicate what Nature already perfected. At Gressa, we looked out into the World and saw that it was good. The only question left to us was: what formulas will soothe & beautify skin? And Gressa was born. We took the freshest natural ingredients and the oldest wisdoms to develop a botanical skin care protocol that is decadent and deeply satisfying.

III. Global integrity 

Gressa is a globally trusted source for botanical cosmetics. Gressa woman is an artist at heart. She desires to curate her life beautifully, she takes her time when tending to her beauty and her mission in life aligns with ours - to discover beauty at every stage of life, as real beauty takes time.  We win hearts and let the love spill over, worldwide, one client at a time. Our customer retention is approximately 90%. That means nearly every client that comes across Gressa stays for years and years to come. And those that decide to leave, often come back only to rediscover the Gressa difference.