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For the love of medicine and healing, Svetlana embarked on an alchemical journey to revive past wisdoms and conjure natural skin healing remedies. While still in college, Svetlana launched Gressa Skin which quickly found itself with a cult-following for its unique formulations that are “skin first” and “natural food for the skin.”With the launch of the Minimalist, a corrective serum foundation designed to heal with natural oils and conceal with beautiful mineral colors, Gressa Skin started a revolution in the Green Beauty industry. The Minimalist was a first of its kind and continues to be Gressa’s hero product that stands alone in the category it created.Finally, a color foundation that treated and healed your skin rather than irritating it! Using Mother Nature’s most beautiful and freshest ingredients in intelligent ways to design highly effective, elegant and artful skincare/cosmetic formulas. Today, Gressa is a world-leader in luxury skincare & cosmetic products, but more importantly, it stands as a beacon of hope for women gathering the courage to age with grace, honesty and wisdom.

Brand Story
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