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Maturing Living Skin

Maturing Living Skin

A bit about our take on aging.

Here at Gressa we do not believe in changing, reversing or 'fixing' the traces of a smile, sun kisses or life long wisdom. Instead, we believe in aging gracefully because there isn't a product out there that will stop aging altogether. And why would we want to freeze ourselves in time anyway? Time lines (some call them wrinkles) are a beautiful thing and a privilege in our humble opinion. 

Natural moisture production is key to dehydrated and/or maturing skin.  However, it is important to make sure you are not overusing heavy products that slow down skin's natural production of oil and water. 

Your daily ritual should include a moisturizing face cleanser, gentle toner and a nourishing oil to complete your Gressa Moisturizing Ritual.  A once per week treatment is essential to help regenerate top layers of the skin in order for your skin to best absorb your skincare nutrients. 


Balancing Cleanser
Balancing Cleanser Sale price$ 47.00
Dirty Pretty ThingsDirty Pretty Things
Dirty Pretty Things Sale price$ 62.00
Night Repair Elixir
Night Repair Elixir Sale price$ 67.00
Purifying Mist
Purifying Mist Sale price$ 36.00
Purifying Oil
Purifying Oil Sale price$ 60.00
Renewing PolishRenewing Polish
Renewing Polish Sale price$ 56.00
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Siberian Pineapple Pressed SerumSiberian Pineapple Pressed Serum
The Iconic Duo: Travel SizeThe Iconic Duo: Travel Size
The Iconic Duo: Travel Size Sale price$ 75.00