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Love From Our Clients

Christina D. Best Mask Ever!

I struggle with acne and this mask truly makes my skin look better the moment I rinse it off. Everything looks calmer. And it smells fantastic! I’m really thankful for this product and never want to be without it.

Ashley B. I’adore!

“Just as suspected, my lip boost in bare is a dream. It really smooths over fine lines in my lips and gives the nicest hint of nude color. Perfect for everyday wear!”

Christine F. Perfect foundation

I had been looking for a foundation that would cover my redness without looking cakey and heavy. I was thrilled to find this foundation. It matches perfectly, covers a multitude of redness and discoloration and makes my skin look healthy and beautiful. At first, it did show where my dry patches were, so that I could address them, and now my skin is happy. I can’t wait to try my samples and enjoy the benefits of other items offered. Thank you for making a great product.

Gloria T. Perfect foundation

This is an amazing product. I never liked foundation because I thought it looked too much like a mask. These amazing droplets provide a long-lasting and sheer layer of coverage that evens out the skin, covers and TREATS blemishes, but still lets your true colors and freckles shine through. Putting on makeup now feels like a self care routine because it comes in a gressa bottle and smells nice. Thank you Svetlana!

Jessica Z. My search is over!

I don’t wear a lot of makeup, although you would think that I do if you looked in my medicine cabinet at one million failed purchases. I am not joking or exaggerating when I say that I have searched FOREVER for a lip color that looks like my lips but better, something that makes me look…radiant.

Gressa Skin Radiant is everything I have been looking for and more! Just a little provides a very natural look, build it up a bit and it is bright and super pigmented. I use it as blush, too! This product was aptly named…it makes me look & feel radiant. Oh…and the Aux Rouge! So different but somehow also like my lips but much better! Incredible customer service when I needed something changed with my first order. Fabulous samples! I am officially a lifetime Gressa Skin customer.

Christy S. Flawless + natural looking, works with oily skin, too!

“I adore this formula. The Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation put all of my other favorites to shame. It provides way more coverage than I expected and the color range really has a match for almost everyone! Definitely pair this purchase with the Illuminating Serum + foundation buffing brush, because that is just the perfect way to make sure the formula evens out perfectly and your skin looks exceptionally flawless and natural all at once.”

Christy S. My skin wakes up with me in the morning!

“After less than a week of using the Night Repair Elixir, I began to notice that my skin was not as puffy in the morning, especially around my eyes and nose. I especially think that combining the use of this with the balancing cleansing oil + warm, damp washcloth for removal, has contributed to the decrease in puffiness. My skin has definitely been clearer, too!”

Rachael R. The perfect coral

Gorgeous, luscious pigmentation with very fine sparkles!! I am in love with this amazing lip boost. The most perfect coral, ever!

Judy K. Purifying Oil

“I use it under my puffy, sagging eyes. It does wonders! My eyes are less puffy and look more youthful. My skin under my eyes are hydrated. I wish I had this product years ago.”

Alyce C. I couldn’t be more happy with this foundation!

Wow… So I am a 25 year old who hadn’t worn foundation since I was in middle/high school. My make up story is kind of funny because when I was a kid I was really into MAC, Nars, high end makeup and beauty brands. But then when I graduated high school I got into living more naturally in every way and wasn’t into putting that stuff on my skin.

Now, I found out about this product through a natural beauty blog called Genuine Glow. The stuff they review is held up to really high standards, and when I looked at the ingredient list of Gressa I was like “Is this too good to be true?! How could this foundation be made of such amazing ingredients, and also create such a beautiful, softly airbrushed look?”

Well, I can’t believe it, but this foundation really is amazing. Here’s why.

I sent in a photo because I was totally unsure of the color I needed, and the rep matched my skin tone perfectly.

The way this foundation looks on the skin is amazing. When you put it on, it’s matte but not cakey, and a little bit goes a long way. I wouldn’t say it’s full coverage, but it’s close, and you can use more drops if you’re looking for that.

Dare I say, it looks better and better as the day goes on! It becomes sort of dewy (in a good way) after it soaks into your skin. And unlike the MAC foundations I used to wear, this Gressa feels light as air on your face…as if you have nothing on. Never have I worn a foundation that has such a light, comfortable feeling throughout the whole day.

I have skin that is both dry and flakey and oily and acne prone (combination). I very highly recommend this foundation. It’s a foundation with results comparable to a more popular high end brand with ingredients that are actually beneficial to your skin. I feel like I’m putting a beneficial serum on my face every morning. (Because I am!) ?

Carrie H. Amazing oil cleanser!

I have had a natural skincare obsession for the last ten years and have discovered some of the best out there. My face broke out in horrible acne during my pregnancy and I couldn’t find anything to help… Until this! Paired with the rest of the acne regiment, my face is finally starting to clear! And it gives such a beautiful start for the serum and all things Gressa! ? thank you, Svetlana! ?

Brittany B. So amazing!!!

I was a little critical when I noticed how small the bottle was… but I only need a tiny bit to cover my entire face!!! It covers everything and looks so natural. Great customer service too. I am so impressed! ?

Jesica G. Magic Elixir

I am obsessed with this little magic bottle! I have battled dry skin spots on my forehead for years. No matter how much water I drink or moisturizer I use they have remained. Once I started using the night repair elixir they have vanished! I couldn’t believe it! I use this stuff a few nights a week and I am incredibly happy with the results!

Jessica G. A Rose by Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet

Close your eyes and image you have been transported to the secret garden. The smell of roses thick in the air, their sweet blossoms enveloping you. Now open and take a look at your fresh glowing skin. That’s what using the Purifying Mist is like. I took the plunge and ordered it and I am in LOVE!

Gabriela N. HG face polish

All the Gressa products I’ve tried are effective and potent. The Renewing Polish is my weekly face treat. I use it alone or combined With Yuli’s Pure mask for the softest skin ever.

Jen A. Love!

Love this so much, the formula feels great on my lips, no synthetic fruity smell, and the color is perfect!!! I bought bare but I can’t wait to try the bright purple color! Great pink nude color that’s build able! I highly recommend!

Katy K. Truly purifies your skin!

Cannot find a more effective and wonderful feeling oil. I love to prep my face with this in the morning and pair it with the Rejuvenating Mist. Combined they make a great morning routine.

Jessica B. Incredible and luxurious!

This face oil is divine. It works so well on dry and sensitive skin. It’s the best face oil I’ve tried that doesn’t cause breakouts.

Emma H. Life changing!

This is by FAR the best light foundation that I’ve ever come across. I have never felt comfortable wearing foundation before because I hate the feeling of wearing makeup on my skin. Usually the second I get home, I’m racing to the shower to get it off!

Minimalist doesn’t feel that way at all, I actually often forget it’s even on! I love that it doesn’t really look like I’m wearing makeup, my skin looks brighter and more evenly toned but it doesn’t cover my freckles or look cakey.

I travel for work and I have to wear makeup every day for the duration, usually 10-14 (long!) days. Usually by the time I get home, I feel like my skin is a wreck. Since I’ve been using Gressa, I don’t feel that way at all, I fell like my skin has been better overall, whether I’m wearing it or not.

I’m a fan! ?

Nicole G. I couldn’t be happier

I couldn’t be happier with this foundation. It has achieved Holy Grail status, and as a beauty professional who has tried every single high-end foundation available in department stores, that is saying a lot! I will never go back, never ever.

Jessica B. Incomparable Game Changing Foundation

This serum foundation is nothing short of incredible. It’s so versatile and mutable in coverage and provides skin perfecting benefits as well. I absolutely love it and it is great for sensitive skin in all respects. Thank you, Svetlana for creating this masterpiece!!

Evalyne R. Serum Foundation

This is my second bottle of this foundation! I previously purchased the 2.0 color & this time 2.5. Both match seamlessly & melt into my skin. After using this for several days in a row,my complexion is wonderfully smooth & radiant!

Jennifer H. Amazing!

Seriously, amazing! I have tried every foundation known to man and I have never loved anything as much as this! I am beyond obsessed! The purifying cleanser is crazy good! I had so much fun throwing 95% of my products that clutter my dresser up and love that I now only have this to represent my foundation section!

Chei S. Great Introduction to Gressa!

I received a prompt email match for the Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation. The foundation blends very well with my sunscreen and I only need 2 drops of it and 1 drop of the Illuminating Serum to create a naturally flawless face. The Brilliant Lip Boost is very moisturizing and provides a nice shimmer to the lips as well as the eyelids. It is a rosy gold color, but your natural skin color comes through. The buffing brush helps to blend everything together for the no makeup look. The foundation does amplify dry spots, but all foundations I have tried do the same. Also, the products are beautifully packaged. Gressa has found a new devoted customer!


I’d heard so many great reviews of Gressa that I had to try it out. I am amazed! You only have to use a drop or two and your whole face is covered. I mean this is full coverage yet not heavy at all. My skin feels as if nothing is on it! I look airbrushed. If i need to cover up certain spots a bit more i just apply another layer. BEST NATURAL FOUNDATION EVER. No wait….THE BEST FOUNDATION EVER. It looks great on myself (age 18) and my Mom (age 53).

Jennifer B. I’ve *finally* found a foundation that looks natural

I’ve spent far too much money on concealers, BB creams, powder foundation, cream foundation… you name it, I’ve probably tried it. I figured I would run the risk and try this serum foundation and I absolutely love it!! It looks SO natural – it looks like I don’t have anything on, yet it covers my overly rosy cheeks and melasma on my upper lip. My makeup routine has been cut down dramatically and my skin really feels softer. I would highly recommend contacting the Gressa staff to get color-matched – they chose a shade that I never would have selected on my own, yet as I’ve said, it matches perfectly. Make the investment!

Jen A. Beautiful product, wonderful customer service

I couldn’t be happier with my new foundation! It feels so nice and light, yet it covers so well. I’m a little on the dry side so it works great with all the oils I already use on my face! The kicker was when my mom complicated my skin, if the people who see you all the time notice you’re doing something right! And on top of all that their customer service is amazing! I’m a pale redhead but have a yellow undertone so I went with the 3. They helped me find my color and I know this is my new favorite foundation, but best of all I’m not putting a ton of bad chemicals on my face. All around win!

Nicole G. My skin in better, finally no compromise between care and make up

I hate foundation, really but I did find my holy grail! The powder finish is long lasting and the oil nourish my skin, while it never cover my skin like a mask.

With my skin color, it is always hard to find one, that really match my skin, I bought the 01 which is perfect for everyday and the 03 to mix for when my skin is tan.

The product itself is gorgeous to put on skin and It make my skin matt but with an incredible and natural glow, just feel like wearing no make-up, great, great!

Danielle N. From start to finish

I love all of the Gressa Products. For the morning ritual to the minimalist make up for work to the renewing polish and purifying cleanser after a great crossfit workout. I couldn’t imagine starting or ending my day with anything else then the wonderful Gressa products.

Alena B. Cleanest Pores of my Life

My pores have never been clean until I started using the Balancing Cleanser. I have suffered with black heads since a teenager and accepted that would be apart of life. Squeezing the black heads made me skin even worse. I have not had any black heads to pop for a couple years now. I have to say it’s bitter sweet. ?