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Article: Dear Diary : slowly stepping down the pedestal

Dear Diary : slowly stepping down the pedestal

As women we were raised with a fairytale idea that we are supposed to be put on a pedestal by someone to truly love us.

To be put on a pedestal is to be worshipped.

To be worshipped typically requires some material attributes like beauty, physicality, talents, good behavior, socially praised achievements.

Why is being on a pedestal a mindfuck?

1. Because it means we can never mess up, which requires a forevermore unattainable levels of perfection (aging is a sin, getting chunky is a not worthy, always being cheerful is how you delight everyone with your spark. Fuck that last one.)
2. Because there’s always a replacement for a queen/king on the pedestal. Because that’s how monarchy works, folks.
3. Because falling off a pedestal you’re surely likely to face plant and that makes getting up and trying again VERY fucking stressful.

So, to conclude: I don’t want to be on anyone’s pedestal. I want to walk hand in hand. Making mistakes. Correcting some of them. Getting wiser with age. Getting that booty fat. Getting crows feet from laughing my ass of for decades.

Take your pedestal and shove it up yours. Let’s get GROUNDED.