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Article: Dear Diary :: To the man in me...

Dear Diary :: To the man in me...

As feminine qualities are seeing more praise, this does not mean you should begin to shun or demonize the masculine in an attempt to bring in more power for female energy.

This is exactly how the world fell out of balance with the rise of the patriarch.

The inner masculine teaches us

to have boundaries (emotional AND physical).

We don’t have to open ourselves up to everyone for the sake of being seen as “nice”, “kind”, and therefore “feminine”.

to get shit done.

because daddy isn’t always going to be around (and I mean every daddy figure).

to plan and use our analytical brain.

because lipstick won’t be enough eventually.

to read up on the latest science or world news.

because we weren’t allowed to for so long that it’s literally not part of our routines, unless we make it so.

to get competitive.

it’s okay to have goals that make you sound like a raging corporate asshole [exaggerated to make the point]. As long as you come to center at the end of the day and take a nice long bath and maybe cook dinner for your loved ones.


And finally... REST.

women go from project to project because feminine energy flows and always “needs” to do stuff. Men have an easier time understanding that sitting on the couch or playing a game has been earned. Take a well earned rest with zero guilt. But here’s the kicker, rest and do nothing on the “feminine” list (mask, bath, etc). Try to sit and do absolutely nothing. Let the man in you rest.