Couture Color: LipBoost

Couture Color: LipBoost

Aug 02, 2014Svetlana Sanchez
Dear friends,
I introduce to you Fall 2014 LipBoost color collection!
Gorgeous, vibrant and bold. The couture LipBoost is all it takes to change everything, to make you look stunning.  It leaves the mark of ultimate, timeless elegance. It starts with GRESSA signature gorgeous black glass jar, which instantly becomes your favorite beauty item to reach for in your purse. 
Couture color + Uncompromising Ingredients + Lip Care 
A modern GRESSA woman only needs a dash of LipBoost to elevate her look. Non-toxic Glamour LipBoosts signature colors are quintessence of GRESSA: chic, beautiful and essential. They are colors that will take you to an exciting level of glamour, polish your look and give your purse a makeover. 


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