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The Essentialist - Concealer Clickstick

Sale price$ 50.00
The Essentialist - Concealer Clickstick
The Essentialist - Concealer Clickstick Sale price$ 50.00

"Webster should replace whatever picture is next to “melt” in the dictionary with an image of this foundation because there is no other word to describe how it interacts with your skin."

Siobhan O'Connor

Author of “No More Dirty Looks: The Truth about Your Beauty Products -- and the Ultimate Guide to Safe and Clean Cosmetics.”

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Emily Box
Love the formula but issues with the clickstick delivery

I'm in my 30s and I'm very expressive, so I have quite a few lines below my eyes. Once I found the right shade (Madeline - I'm pretty pale but the shade below was too light), this has been one of the best concealers for my dry lined undereye area. I love that it's natural, and it doesn't sink into my lines as much as others. I DO have to set it with powder, or it stays overly dewy, and doesn't match the rest of my face haha. However, I've had multiple issues with the clicksticks, where either the product just never came out, or it only works sometimes. I know good makeup can be expensive, but I do think the concealer in particular is overpriced for what you get, especially when it only works half the time. I mostly just hope they offer another mode of delivery at some point!

Great for on-the-go

I like this concealer! I've used similar ones - from YSL most notably. I find what I love about The essentialist is the vessel and application. I think the little sponge applicator is fantastic and is a perfect blending system without having to use your fingers too much. I was also really happy that the shade turned out to be great even though you're "guessing" a bit when you order online. I'm going to keep this in my purse for on the go and touch-ups!

Tiffany B

I was not sure what to expect from this concealer as I ordered it “blind” but it surpassed even my highest hopes! Using the guide of what shade of concealer goes with which shade of minimalist foundation I landed with a shade that blends seamlessly into my skin. It doesn’t crease & it’s not bulky under the minimalist. Can’t recommend enough!

Jane B
sophisticated and portable perfection!

it took a while to get the color flowing but once it starts going it's very easy to use and the formula is similar to the foundation in terms of being emollient and skin-friendly. the color I got (Madeline) was a perfect match for my skin but I came back to order Macaron for a bit more brightness under the eyes and for highlighting my face. this pen is especially nice for tucking into your bag so that you can freshen up later in the day!

Tara Rohrbach
Can every make up come in this delivery system?

No joke. This delivery system is phenomenol. Its so easy to use, blends into my skin seamlessly and I love the shade range. I use this as a concealer and a darker tone as a contour brozer. Its just genious!