Q&A: Is there a universal way to be a woman?

Q&A: Is there a universal way to be a woman?

Apr 14, 2022Svetlana Henao-Zakharevich

Is there a universal way to be a woman?

Being a woman is flowing through life. 

Regardless whether a woman chooses to stay at home as a home maker or chooses a career. Both require sacrifices. Both choices can bring tremendous joy. But not because of material things (results driven things like salaries or well educated kids to show for). 

Extremes from both choices may bring a woman resentment, refusal to grow old, denial of death, therefore, denial of life, unfulfilled dreams, loneliness. 

The joy of being a woman comes through playfulness, creativity and ease as she flows through life phases with.

Every woman deserves to create the life she wants exactly how she wants it. To thrive in real moments of joy and not in a superficial way the modern world has conditioned women to experience happiness.

The universal way to be a woman is to allow, to surrender to change, to experience joy.

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