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Article: Practice makes truth

Practice makes truth

Mechanical practicing of “self-love” tricks us.

Understanding WHY we don’t like ourselves is crucial. Specifically, why we don’t like ourselves in the first placeand the desire to fix it.

When our ancestors performed beauty rituals (hammam, banya, clay face masks, decorative cosmetics, etc) no one was doing it to be like anyone else. Women performed those beauty rituals to connect with themselves and each other.


Today’s “self-care” surely will have something to do with purchasing 30 steps of products aspired by a celebrity or someone of popular influence.


Where profit meets influence no one really wants you to fully *like* yourself.


Ironically, they want you to *love* yourself enough. Enough to spend on every new trend of ever changing beauty market.


This includes fear-mongering from clean beauty, fear-mongering from conventional beauty, shame and guilt from being undecided on either, never ending “sustainability”-washing where you’ll never recycle plastic well enough (because you sort of can’t), aesthetics industry where your nose and lips and jaw can always be altered to match Megan Fox (because she’s having a moment RN, again), etc.


It doesn’t end, it won’t.


So the question to ask is WHY is mechanical “self-love” is sold to us and who benefits from it.

And will mechanical self-love ever get us to a place where we like ourselves so much we don’t aspire to be like anyone else. Because we have come home.