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Article: If we could bottle up Sevilla, Spain, well, we sort of did.

If we could bottle up Sevilla, Spain, well, we sort of did.

If we could bottle up Sevilla, Spain, well, we sort of did

In this serene photo my husband captured in one quick take I am inhaling the intoxicating aroma of orange blossoms enveloping the narrow, cool alley in Sevilla, Andalusia, Spain. You would never know that just moments ago our 2 year old toddler threw a fit and our 4 year old poked himself in the eye with his own finger for an unknown reason.
So many moving parts to manage, yet, I’m drunk-in-blossom and nothing can phase me.  Truly, I was walking around hypnotized in Sevilla. It felt like I was submerged into a sea of Rejuvenating Mist. Ironically, right before we departed home, we had produced a fresh helping of your beloved Rejuvenating Mist toner. What a coincidence! Orange Blossoms are in bloom in February and March in Spain!
Luckily, I don’t believe in coincidences. Orange blossoms in the air and it makes walking the narrow streets of Sevilla a spiritual experience.
I must share this memory with all of you, I thought immediately.
Everyone must experience walking through alleys of orange blossoms, at least once. And for all the times we aren’t walking through an alley of orange blossoms in Sevilla, a bottle of fresh Rejuvenating Mist will do the trick.

Rooted in classical mythology

To set the scene, we need to take a peek back at classical mythology and the Roman god, Hercules, who, as legend goes, founded the city and is represented in landmarks across Seville, such as the Alameda de Hercules square and its surrounding neighborhood. Predating Seville, however, it’s said that one of the 12 labors given to Hercules by Eurystheus, king of Tiryns, was to steal Geryon of Erytheia’s livestock.
Upon completing said task, Hercules decided to go to Africa to attempt to obtain the “golden apple” of immortality, rumored to actually be an orange.
This naranja amarga, or bitter orange, was later introduced to Europe by Genovese sailors, who brought it over from Asia.
Rumored to bring happiness to whoever possessed it, the Moorish dynasty that reigned at the time decided to plant these bitter orange trees all over Spain, with a high concentration of them in Andalusia. 
By the 12th century, everyone was a firm believer of the happiness-inducing qualities of the bitter orange. They began to plant them along the streets, and by the end of the century, even went so far as to construct the Patio de los Naranjos at the Cathedral of Seville.

Many uses of orange trees and blossoms

During the Middle Ages, the Moors found a number of ways to make use of their newly beloved fruit trees—from medicinal purposes to perfumes. The orange blossoms were used in oils and healing essences, and its benefits include soothing a number of skin conditions (redness, irritation, sunburns) and digestive issues (stomach spasms, ulcers, bloating), healing wounds, relaxing nerves, and promoting sleep. At this time, much like Damascus in Syria and Baghdad in Iraq, the Moors hoped they could convert Seville into a global hub for perfume, attracting visitors from near and far with the sweet scent of orange blossom.
There has even been a study of neroli oil aromatherapy during labor used as an alternative tool to relieve anxiety and perceived pain in women during all stages of labor. How incredible. 

The story of why I chose neroli water as a toner goes beyond skincare

Gressa Rejuvenating Mist is pure organic neroli hydrosol. It has a natural hydrating and regenerating effect on the skin which makes it perfect for refreshing and reviving dull, tired skin. With its cooling properties the Rejuvenating Mist cools hot, itchy and sensitised skin. The aromatherapeutic effects of the Rejuvenating Mist are just as powerful.
As you inhale every spritz, you will notice a calming and soothing come over you. We suggest 3-4 deep belly inhales with every spritz multiple times throughout the day. Unless you’re in Sevilla in March. Then, just once-twice morning and night to hydrate your skin. The orange trees will do the aromatherapy job just fine as you walk through the alleys of these majestic trees.
As for me, I will be dreaming of returning back to Sevilla sooner than later for more oranges, the blossoms, the history and my soul connection to it all.
With love, Svetlana