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Acne Care

Acne Care

At Gressa, we believe in a gentle yet effective approach to skincare, especially when it comes to addressing acne and active breakouts. Our Acne Care collection is meticulously curated and formulated with a philosophy rooted in healing and nurturing your skin.

Our Rose Soufflé Cloud Masque is the cornerstone of this collection, designed to tackle acne in multiple ways. It begins by swiftly reducing inflammation, redness, and swelling, allowing your skin to regain its natural balance and health. In the Purifying Oil we've carefully selected potent plant extracts known for their ability to promote a healthy skin flora and microbial balance. This diversity in your skin's microbiome prevents any single strain. In addition to fostering a healthy microbiome, our formulas includes botanical allies that kickstart the healing process and minimize the risk of scarring. Furthermore, the soothing aromatics in our formulations have been scientifically shown to reduce stress levels by directly affecting the pituitary gland. Since stress is a significant contributor to acne and breakouts, addressing this aspect completes the circle of healing in our Acne Care Protocol.



Purifying Oil - Gressa Skin
Purifying Oil Prix de vente€55,95
Purifying Cleanser - Gressa Skin
Purifying Cleanser Prix de vente€36,95
Dirty Pretty Things - Gressa SkinDirty Pretty Things
Dirty Pretty Things Prix de vente€57,95
Salt of the Earth Essence - Gressa Skin
Salt of the Earth Essence Prix de vente€65,95
Rose Soufflé Cloud MasqueRose Soufflé Cloud Masque
Rose Soufflé Cloud Masque Prix de venteA partir de €27,95
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