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Article: The Suffragette Red - a statement of power we'll never get tired of

The Suffragette Red - a statement of power we'll never get tired of

Red lipstick, once outlawed and stigmatized, has transformed into a symbol of women empowerment. 

In ancient civilizations, it represented social status, but during the Middle Ages, the Church condemned it as sinful. In the 18th century, British Parliament even made makeup, including red lipstick, illegal, associating it with witchcraft. 

Victorian society further reinforced the negative perception, labeling women who wore it as immoral. As the suffragette movement and feminism in the 20th century challenged these norms women began to reclaim their autonomy, and red lipstick became a powerful symbol of defiance against oppressive beauty standards. 

Today, it represents strength, confidence, and liberation for women all over the world. 

Red lipstick has transcended cultural boundaries and is embraced by women worldwide. It signifies breaking free from societal constraints to embrace woman’s unique identity. The suffragettes, women fighting for the right to vote, were instrumental in this transformation. They challenged societal expectations and paved the way for women's empowerment. Their pursuit of equality and self-expression contributed to the acceptance of red lipstick as a symbol of strength and defiance. The history of the suffragettes intertwines with the evolution of red lipstick, reminding us that true power lies in embracing authenticity and challenging societal norms.

Today, we would like to invite you to channel your suffragette archetype and play with your favorite red Lip Boost. There is something transformative about applying a soft, moisturizing, yet overstated red onto your lips. What we love about it the most is that you get to choose who you transform into while playing with red hues or any color cosmetics at all. Adorn without fear. Enjoy the electricity you produce yourself while wearing a red lip.