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Maturing Living Skin - Gressa Skin

Maturing Living Skin

A bit about our take on aging.

Here at Gressa we do not believe in changing, reversing or 'fixing' the traces of a smile, sun kisses or life long wisdom. Instead, we believe in aging gracefully because there isn't a product out there that will stop aging altogether. And why would we want to freeze ourselves in time anyway? Time lines (some call them wrinkles) are a beautiful thing and a privilege in our humble opinion. 

Natural moisture production is key to dehydrated and/or maturing skin.  However, it is important to make sure you are not overusing heavy products that slow down skin's natural production of oil and water. 

Your daily ritual should include a moisturizing face cleanser, gentle toner and a nourishing oil to complete your Gressa Moisturizing Ritual.  A once per week treatment is essential to help regenerate top layers of the skin in order for your skin to best absorb your skincare nutrients. 


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