Skin Prep + Best of Minimalist

Dewy skin is healthy skin. We recommend skipping setting powders and powder products altogether. Here’s how to keep your skin looking, feeling and actually moisturized all day long. First, prep. Second, correct. Lastly, enhance.

Full Size: Purifying Mist, Purifying Oil, Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation (please, choose your shade carefully), Lumiere Elise, Lip Boost Bare, Air Focus Brush.

1. Tone - Purifying Mist - spray 3-4 sprays and follow with Purifying Oil immediately.

2. Moisturize - Purifying Oil. Massage lightly to allow for the serum to penetrate. I also do light drainage to help with any morning puffiness.

3. Correct - The Minimalist. Use about 2-3 drops BUILDING coverage where it’s needed and airbrushing everywhere else the remnants of the Serum Foundation. This will give you Demi-matte skin-like finish no other foundation can give with such tiny amount of product.

4. Enhance - LIMIERE Complexion Fluid - ELISE . Shake well and drop 2-3 drops. Use all over. You cannot go wrong with this gorgeous, moisturizing pigment. It works for every skin undertone and will last all day. In fact, your skin will look more luminous as the day goes by.

5. Lip Stain - Lip Boost BARE. Creamy yet glossy and not sticky. A light wash of color to stain lips and cheeks. Can be applied up to 4 layers to get the full pigment of a lipstick. 

Please, refer to each individual product page for full list of ingredients.