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Article: perfect crooked face

perfect crooked face

All my glasses are lost, stolen, broken or all of the above. Today I thought that maybe it’s a subconscious rebellion, like not plucking my eyebrows even if my mom calls them ‘wild forest’ and tells me to clean them up. Or not brushing my hair for a week in avoidance of looking “tidy”. 


Hyper masculinity is alive, thriving and making people drown in competition. Hyper feminism is the other [dark] side of the coin.


Competitiveness is a masculine trait. Read that again. Acceptance is feminine. Patience is feminine. It isn’t feminine to compete. Competing in matters of femininity is twisted and is a cultural byproduct that is confusing and ultimately scarring to our soul.


The constant competition in the world we live in is draining and stressful. What you wear, your skin, your age, your goals, your house, your car, your choices of having kids/not having kids, your career, what you had for lunch and whether it will make you fat/skinny and the guilt residing in either choices. Even if we try to avoid the competition it’s there in the back of our minds constantly. 


I’ve had issues with keeping up with rules since I was a child. Because so many rules were overwhelming I generally did my own thing. I parked my car where I wanted, left my hair curly when I wanted, flunked college course if I got bored. The consequences were to follow and I did get better at parking but that’s probably about it. 


I once read a quote by a female fashion designer whose name I can’t recall; it was something about how a woman should never feel so confident to step out of the house with a bare face. 


I washed my makeup off the instance I read it. Just to rebel. 


This morning I broke my last good pair of eyeglasses. I put on another broken pair that still stayed on my nose and as I was taking this selfie I realized that these crooked broken glasses make my eyes and whole face look crooked.  Would you call this a self rebellion? When you make yourself look purposefully worse and like yourself a little more for it.