MINIMALIST Corrective Serum Foundation - Swatches

MINIMALIST Corrective Serum Foundation - Swatches

Sep 12, 2014Svetlana Sanchez

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  • Hi. These swatches are very helpful. I’m confused though when I compare these swatches to the written descriptions of the shades.

    The descriptions:
    05 Medium-Tan, neutral undertones
    06 Tan, warm undertones

    The swatches say that 05 is warm and 06 is neutral.

  • should the oil be worn under foundation as moisturizer or only at night on toned skin? What should be applied to the face before this foundation?
    thanks so much! excited for my order!

  • Could you make this same swatch using a woman of color. I would have thought that I’d be a 7 or 8. Looking at this model’s arm, it looks like I could be a 6.


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