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Article: Glam Your Holiday Pout: Introducing Nontoxic Glamour LipBoost


Glam Your Holiday Pout: Introducing Nontoxic Glamour LipBoost

This holiday season, Gressa is excited to introduce its first color lip line, Gressa Lip Boost! Lip Boosts come in three luscious colors that will wow your friends and family with your nontoxic glamour: Lavish, Brilliant, and Bare. Gressa proprietary  nontoxic glamour formula makes these Lip Boosts feel like a balm, yet look like a gloss!
Our LipBoosts are light, non-sticky, and moisturizing. We make our Lip Boosts with our 100% vegan trademark formula that spotlights  carnauba wax, cacao butter and coconut oil. We finish our Lip Boosts’ formulas with sea buckthorn oil and co-enzyme Q10 for an ultra boost to your delicate holiday pout that will defy the dehydrating wintry weather.
Wear Lip Boosts alone, or over any lip color of your choice to glam your holiday pout.



Lavish gives your lips a sheer, sexy, and sultry gloss. Apply Lavish generously over your lips alone or with another favorite lip color for a kissable sugar plum appeal.



Brilliant adds moisturizing volume to your lips with a minimalistic, light look, just in time for the holidays and New Years parties.




Bare your lips to a new, glamorous you. Sheer, nude, and sexy, Bare requires no additional lip color for its shimmery glamour. Bare is the perfect look and the perfect gift for the busy woman on the go this holiday season.
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