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Article: get dewy summer skin like a pro

get dewy summer skin like a pro

This Monday morning we're feeling extra inspired to let our natural beauty shine through. Overdone makeup tutorials are abundantly available all throughout the social media with heavy concealing and contouring. We are much more reluctant to recognize the face we see in the mirror first thing we wake up, so we like to keep it light, fresh and fuss-free. Luckily, we've made friends with Justine Sweetmana makeup artist based in New York City.

Her resume list includes exciting clients like Bumble and bumble, Nike, American Eagle Outfitters and L'Oreal and the Met Gala to name a few. Her artistry aligns with ours: easy, effortless, glamorous. Justine's latest spread inspired us so much we wanted to know exactly how she used Gressa to create this dewy look on Manon Flokstra. Read on, beauties!


"For this natural look I used Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation in 03 on model Manon to enhance and perfect her skin without giving the appearance of a mask of makeup.


I started by toning then generously moisturizing her face, allowing two or three minutes for the moisturizer to absorb. I added a few drops of Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation to the back of my hand and swirled the Air Focus Foundation Brush into it before applying directly to Manon’s skin, starting from the center of the face and working outwards to the hairline and jaw. The excess product on the brush was used to blend down onto the neck to ensure an even coverage; often the neck is a shade or two lighter than the face and chest.


I finished the look with Minimalist Illuminating Serum applied to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, eyelids, Cupid’s bow, and chin. I used the same brush as I find a bit of residual foundation helps the Illuminating Serum to blend even more flawlessly." 


(This photo was shot on film and has not been retouched.)


Photographer - A. Kaszfir (Instagram - @akaszfir)
Stylist - Kate Stein (Instagram - @katestein_)
Makeup Artist  - Justine Sweetman (Instagram - @justinesweetman_)
Model - Manon Flokstra @ IMG ( Instagram - @manon_flokstra)