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Article: Full Moon

Full Moon

The Libra Super Full Moon on April 7-8th, is the brightest and boldest of the year and its message is just as strong. It reminds us that we are all in this together and we each have a role to play through our vibration, actions, and how we come together to support others.


Tonight I will be setting intentions of embracing what this moon brings upon me. A new normal to find comfort in, to continue getting to know myself, to continue to honor myself through my thoughts and actions. I will also be reflecting upon the clarity the last moon has brought to me: it settled me down more than I've ever experienced, made me slow down, accept that small, quiet things are what I actually need, want and thrive on.


I invite you to do the same with me: reflect and set intentions.


Here's what I'll do tonight:


1. Light a candle and/or incense

2. Cleanse my body and face

3. Write down my intentions and reflections in a journal


With much love and care,




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