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Article: Autumn treats are here


Autumn treats are here


The months of painted leaves, cooler mornings, cold dew.

The months of more sleep, more reading, more hiking, more reflection, more soup, more movies, and more night sky.

Autumn also ‘feels’ much more ritualistic. We take the time to focus on our inner self.

This time every year, I find it helpful to prepare for a more deliberate pace of life after the more wild, carefree days of summer, and I have a few treats to add to your ritual.

Beautifying rituals are so crucial to connect with this new version of ourselves.

A bath, a renewing mask, a gentle body scrub. Whatever it is, taking the time is what matters.

My most favorite way to incorporate a ritual is through tea and facial treats. And a bath. Perhaps, if you have the time, all at once. What heaven.

Exfoliation is a must to support your skin’s natural renewal process.  Exfoliating stimulates, brings energy to your skin.

Our tricks are mostly treats: Dirty Pretty Things, Renewing Polish and (drumroll) a very special comeback from Pumpkin Peel Clarifying Mask.

It’s been years since we’ve had this limited edition seasonal treat. I must admit, I am giddy.

This year we are bringing it back in a full size 50 mL jar as part of the powerhouse trio that will elevate your Autumn Beautifying Ritual and even will last you through the Winter months.

We recommend a twice-per week treatment to upkeep radiance of Summer through the Autumn and Winter. Here’s our perfect prescription:

  1. Dirty Pretty Things — a detoxifying, clarifying clay mask. Use once per week/week and a half to draw impurities and balance your skin.
  2. Renewing Polish — a radiance-boosting gommage to physically and chemically (but gently) exfoliate. Use twice per week for troubled skin or once per week for normal/sensitive skin.
  3. Pumpkin Peel Clarifying Mask — renewing treatment for all skin types. Use once per week before Dirty Pretty Things mask to exfoliate and prepare skin for detox and deeper penetration of other ingredients.

We are taking pre-orders through 9/27.

If you’ve been our loyal customer for many years, you know the Pumpkin Peel mask is worth every minute of the wait. We’ve been waiting for years to bring it back! Grab your treats when you can.


*no discount coupon can be combined with the pre-orders. All pre-orders with the Autumn Beautifying Ritualwill start shipping on 9/27 after which the price will go to $150 for this gem of a set. Gift cards and rewards may be used toward the purchase of this set.

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