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Article: 7 Steps To Cure Acne


7 Steps To Cure Acne

Not a day goes by that I don’t read “I break out.” Or, “Will this help my break outs?”

My answer is never a ‘yes’.  Why?  Because regardless of what your pricey dermatologist tells you, there is not a pill or a cream for acne.   It is a collection of lifestyle factors that will determine your daily glow or occasional blemish.

I am a true believer (and living proof) that breakouts can be managed with consistent proactive daily lifestyle choices (not to be confused with Proactiv…unless you are purposefully trying to prematurely age your skin).

Here they are:

  1. Water.  Hands down the best thing for your skin and health in general. Drink it up and let your body do the rest for you.
  2. Food. Choose unsprayed, organically grown produce, healthy fats, lacto-fermented foods that are good for your gut.  Healthy digestion will be responsible for the balanced complexion you seek.
  3. Get Inflammation Under Control.  Acne is an inflammatory response to whatever is happening internally.  Supplements that are high in Omega 3s as well as antioxidants like Vitamin C will help keep inflammation at bay.  Also, get yourself a good daily probiotic.
  4. Consistency in Daily Skincare. Set aside time, just a few minutes per day to properly care for your face. Intention here is key.
  5.  Sleep.  At least seven hours a night.  Or if you’re anything like me, you need 8-9 hours!
  6. Fresh air. Oxygen is needed for the survival of your cells; if your skin does not receive enough oxygen, it will appear dull and aged, and be vulnerable to attack by ‘free radicals’.
  7. Appreciate and Love Your Skin.  Regardless of the ‘bad skin days’, learn to accept and love yourself as you are today. After all, blemishes come and go, so make sure you celebrate yourself each day no matter what.

Thoughts? What is your way of keeping your skin healthy?