Beautiful Balanced You
Sep 26, 2013
You can see how extremely excited I am about this beautiful bottle and what’s inside of it.  Why am I so happy?  Because it is simply the best way to cleanse. I get so many emails about how to use our most effective cleanser.  In order to reap the benefits, you must use a specific

Sep 19, 2013
I repeatedly get emails suggesting the word “fructose” on a protein shake packet, should send me running to protect myself with a garlic necklace and crucifix.  Bottom line i…s; fructose (and glucose) have been part of the human diet for hundreds of thousands of years.  During that time our DNA developed multiple mechanisms to use them for good health.

Behind the Scenes: Formulating…
Sep 12, 2013
Just a little inside peek at the powerhouse potion I have been formulating. It will stop the clock, give your skin an ‘umph’ and a reason to skip the concealer…   Stay tuned!