Precious Ingredients: IMMORTELLE
Feb 10, 2014
Once I discovered the magic of Immortelle flower, I wanted to share it with the world.  Being one of the most precious, expensive oils, the everlasting flower remains a staple in Gressa formulations.  Its organic essential oil has very unique anti-aging properties that have been clinically proven to have incredibly high concentration of actives. This

7 Steps To Cure Acne
Feb 01, 2014
Not a day goes by that I don’t read “I break out.” Or, “Will this help my break outs?” My answer is never a ‘yes’.  Why?  Because regardless of what your pricey dermatologist tells you, there is not a pill or a cream for acne.   It is a collection of lifestyle factors that will determine your daily glow or occasional blemish.

Glam Your Holiday Pout: Introducing Nontoxic Glamour LipBoost
Dec 14, 2013
This holiday season, Gressa is excited to introduce its first color lip line, Gressa Lip Boost! Lip Boosts come in three luscious colors that will wow your friends and family with your nontoxic glamour: Lavish, Brilliant, and Bare.

“A” Is for Prevention
Oct 02, 2013
Ingredient Spotlight Retinyl palmitate (Vitamin A) What is it? Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin that is stored in our liver. It contributes to normal growth and development while keeping our eyes, skin and immune system healthy. Vitamin A plays a key role in maintaining health both internally and externally. What is it used

Beautiful Balanced You
Sep 26, 2013
You can see how extremely excited I am about this beautiful bottle and what’s inside of it.  Why am I so happy?  Because it is simply the best way to cleanse. I get so many emails about how to use our most effective cleanser.  In order to reap the benefits, you must use a specific

Sep 19, 2013
I repeatedly get emails suggesting the word “fructose” on a protein shake packet, should send me running to protect myself with a garlic necklace and crucifix.  Bottom line i…s; fructose (and glucose) have been part of the human diet for hundreds of thousands of years.  During that time our DNA developed multiple mechanisms to use them for good health.