What's inside : Night Repair Elixir
Jun 20, 2019
I grew up in the Far East of Russia, where Sea Buckthorn was as common as raspberries in Oregon or Oranges in Florida.  My parents grew these precious berries and we harvested them to create fresh jelly, freeze them for later medicinal use or make tinctures/extracts.  I had to include this powerhouse ingredient in my formulations.  

perfect crooked face
May 22, 2019
All my glasses are lost, stolen, broken or all of the above. Today I thought that maybe it’s a subconscious rebellion, like not plucking my eyebrows even if my mom calls them ‘wild forest’ and tells me to clean them up. Or not brushing my hair for a week in avoidance of looking “tidy”. 

Dear Diary #1
Dec 12, 2018
I took a picture using a dark, cool-toned filter for the mood and proceeded to write about the quiet moment I was about to have. A scheduled phone call interrupted my quiet. Half an hour later and I haven’t taken a sip of my tea.

Aug 08, 2016
When it comes to editorials that involve creative force of one of our favorive makeup artist, Justine Sweetman, we tune in.  Justine focuses on natural finish when it comes to complexion but she does not lose the editorial edge.  Here is how she achieved the gorgeous look for the July NYLON Singapore spread. 

Renewing Polish // Renewed
Jun 08, 2016
Renewing Polish, we love you. The gooey formula that makes us admire our complexion the second you've washed it off.  The results are undeniable.  Smooth, brand new, fresh skin.  The formulation is one of the originals from 2009. True and tested, tested and true.  So, how could we possibly make it better? 

slow beauty : part I
Jun 01, 2016
Inhale. Exhale. Assuming it is actually happening right now, do you ever catch yourself thinking, “I feel like I haven’t taken a breath since this morning!” Even though breathing is automatic, we can control and regulate it to help us relax and calm our minds. Inhale. Exhale.