Radical pleasure linked to minimalism?
Sep 19, 2021
“I shouldn’t be having so much coffee,” I thought to myself. “Such a guilty pleasure it is,” as I consumed my second cup.   What a mind f$ck.

Autumn treats are here
Aug 31, 2021
Autumn... The months of painted leaves, cooler mornings, cold dew. The months of more sleep, more reading, more hiking, more reflection, more soup, more movies, and more night sky.

intentional skincare | mental health |  skin as our "second stomach"
Jul 26, 2021
What is 'intentional skincare'? Skin is sacred.  It is also extremely vulnerable.  It is exposed...

Dear Diary :: to the feminist in me...
Feb 13, 2021
Sometimes my spirit takes over and without violence shuts up the feminist in me. We could choose to be alone. We could choose to go on a quest of self discovery to make room for something immeasurable. I’m certain that it all leads to two things: unlimited freshly baked bread and a big love. Our choices in our partners will always reflect our current state of of emotional affairs.

Dear Diary :: To the man in me...
Feb 05, 2021
As feminine qualities are seeing more praise, this does not mean you should begin to shun or demonize the masculine in an attempt to bring in more power for female energy.   This is exactly how the world fell out of balance with the rise of the patriarch.  

Dear Diary : slowly stepping down the pedestal
Feb 04, 2021
To be put on a pedestal is to be worshipped. To be worshipped typically requires some material attributes like beauty, physicality, talents, good behavior, socially praised achievements.